Northen Antibiotic Resistance Partnership

Project 1 – Active Surveillance

This project involves the development and implementation of an active surveillance system in LaLoche, Sandy Bay, and LaRonge communities in northern Saskatchewan.  The study will determine the prevalence of ARO’s causing infections in these communities. The system will also provide insight into populations at risk and antibiotic usage.

Phase 1: Retrospective Chart Review.

A retrospective chart review was performed at three sentinel sites located in the Kelsey Trail, Keewatin Yatthe, and the Mamaweetan Churchill River Health Regions. The audit was performed to (1) determine the situation in year 2002 regarding the types of infections and antibiotic prescribing practices in northern regions and (2) to determine a sampling scheme for the Active Surveillance Study described below. A statistically valid sample of patients’ charts was reviewed from each site for health care visits related to a respiratory, urinary, diarrhoea, wound, or skin and soft tissue infections. Once an infection was identified, data was collected on prescriptions for antimicrobial agents including the type and duration, the indication for the prescription, and the ratio of laboratory specimens ordered.

Data from this study can be requested here.

Phase 2: Active Surveillance Study:

This study was designed to enhance the collection of data, including microbiologic information (organism identification and susceptibility data), prescribing practices, and general patient demographic information for clients in northern Saskatchewan. The active surveillance study includes: skin & soft tissue infections (including folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles, boils, impetigo, cellulitis), urinary tract infections, and respiratory tract infections (including purulent sputum, pharyngitis, tonsillitis).  Three communities currently enrolled in this study and include LaLoche, Sandy Bay, and LaRonge.

The surveillance protocol can be viewed here - PDF Download PDF

We are testing the organisms for a wide range of antimicrobial agents. The panel designs can be found here: