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How to teach the Germs Away curriculum

(quicktime icon) Germs Away - Introduction
(quicktime icon) Activity #1 – Glowing Results
(quicktime icon) Activity #2 – The Web of Infection
(quicktime icon) Activity #3 – Germs Away
(quicktime icon) Activity #4 – Battle of the Germs
(quicktime icon) Activity #5 – Kayla’s Day
(quicktime icon) Activity #6 – Cover your Mouth?
(quicktime icon) Activity #7 – House of Germs
(quicktime icon) Germs Away - Conclusion

Antibiotic Resistance

(quicktime icon) Antibiotic Resistance - Part 1
(quicktime icon) Antibiotic Resistance - Part 2
(quicktime icon) Antibiotic Resistance - Part 3
(quicktime icon) Antibiotic Resistance - Part 4

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